Fat + Frantic
Precious Lord

Precious Lord

Released: 1994
CD - (KMCD779)
Casette - (KMC779)

Precious lord for sale on eBay

Fat and Frantic vinyl comes up on eBay on a fairly regular basis, but CD's are a bit rarer.

A copy of Precious Lord was put up for auction in February 2007, and sold for.... £106.06!

  • There is Power in the Name of Jesus
  • Rock and Redeemer
  • All the riches of His Grace
  • One Thing I Ask
  • My Lord, He is the Fairest of the Fair
  • Deep Down
  • Are You Ready?
  • Be Bold, Be Strong,
  • I Stand Before You, Lord
  • So Freely
  • O Lord, Hear my Prayer
  • Praise God, All Creation Praise
  • Precious Lord
  • Mercy